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    Replacing heat sink

    Hey all,

    Thinking of replacing a thermaltake silent boost heatsink (came with comp) with a thermalright xp-90. I don't know if it has a thermal pad or grease (easier to clean).

    I'm not sure if it would be worth it. I plan on doing some pretty low ocing, nothing extreme. Temps generally in the low-mid 40s under avg. load, but this varies a lot based on ambient temp.

    OK... my real question is whether or not I'd need to replace the retention bracket that is attached to the mobo to do this. If so, that means removing the mobo tray, etc... don't know if I'm willing to do that. If all I have to do is scrape the old and clean, I'd be a happy camper.

    Anyone know? The docs on thermalright's site are a bit vague.



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    I had to replace the one just by unscrewing it [on a k8n-e deluxe]; I assume the XP-90 will require a special RB, as my XP-120 did. What motherboard do you have?

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    You would have to remove the bracket. But if your temps look like that I see no reason to buy the Thermalright.

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    Thanks for the tips!

    It's an Asus A8V Deluxe (939 pin). The other day it was a bit warmer out and after some intense gaming, it hit 60c (according to the mobo sensor, anyway), as soon as I exited the game I saw them drop quickly. Case ventilation is really good. On cooler days, I'll peak in the mid-upper 50's on extreme load, generally in the 40's.

    I'm wondering if the HS has a heat pad or thermal paste. I may gain a bit by removing the thermal pad and using AS5...



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