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    cpu speed decreased

    built 2 exact machines
    abit bx6
    intel sl2yk pentium 2 supposed to be 200 hz, running at 460hz
    512 mb memory
    one for wife one for me
    mine seems to have slowed down to 8086 speed. only way to test is to win at solitaire
    cards descend like striped ape on wife machine
    like a snail on mine. cant figure out what happened.
    am thinking of building another machine and giving this one to mother but would love to know what happened and what to do to fix if possible.
    would more than appreciate any help

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    do these computers have video cards?

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    200Mhz --> 460Mhz Lol, that's a 130% overclock on that P2.
    Probably the poor chip just decided that it's about time to retire.

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    That would be my guess also. But, other things can affect how well your rig runs. Have you tried getting rid of any possible spyware? Defrag? Do they have the same speed rated memory?

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    "sl2yk" is a PII-300Mhz so he OCed it by setting FSB from 66 to 102 not a problem at all for an BX board. I ran a BE6-II at the time and BX6 is just another great mainboard with a lot of OCing options. WAGSTAFF: You need to give us more info if we're going to be able to help you...
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    dont know what more i can say except that the two machines are identical. the same sl2yk has been run at i think 612 by a friend who built 2 machines like mine( i got the specs from him) he said it ran fine and encouraged me to bump mine up too. i mis spoke about the advertised speed of the cpu it is 300 mhz. yes there is a mystique video card. iam runing xp and the dvd does not work now even if i try the compatibility mode though that is not a problem any way.

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    Does your motherboard have a "turbo" mode? Some older boards could run slow for compatibility, either by the "turbo" switch on the case, or by pressing ctrl_alt_+ and ctrl_alt_- to speed up or slow down. In BIOS setup there is often an option to disable this. Also check in BIOS that your L2 and L1 caches are turned on.

    Another thought is that the L2 cache is the most stressed part of a PII when overclocked, it's the part that gets the hottest and the part that limits the overclock most often, it is possible that running these chips overclocked for so long burned out the cache modules


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    BTW, veteran PII overclockers would decase the CPU and put heatsinks on the cache modules directly (they are on the board not the CPU die) specifically to prevent them burning up or holding back an overclock. Those things when inside the cartridge have no air circulation and no contact with the main heatspreader that the heatsink is on.
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