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    overclocking a duron 900

    Greetings, i know what to do to overclock a cpu but am curious as to what temps i should stay under when i do it hehe.

    just got a duron 900 and a fic az11e for an incredible 89 bucks at fry's and want to mess around a bit.

    thanks, Xan.

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    doh forgot to ask one thing, has anyone overlcocked a duron 900 ? would appreciate any results, cautions, etc..

    thanks, Xan.

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    under 50C is best but upto 60C can be stable
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    i disagree...
    i have not seen a duron stable above 48*C
    try for under 40*C and 48 max at load.

    caution... hmm, carefull with heatsink mount/dismount
    cores are REALLY FRAGILE... no probs here, and i'm never real cautious but i've read stories, k

    umm... i have gotten a 800 to 1024 but not cool enough for me.
    the summer has been hot, so i have left it at 924
    <i think? its all stock settings but fsb is 112 or 115>
    to keep it happy and me less stressed. reinstalls suck.
    winter will bring an Athlon and i'll be back to hardcore pushin'

    these chips perform great, and just upping FSB to 112 or 115 gives a nice boost...

    the problem here is the mobo
    it's not a good O/C'er from what i've read... the FIC AZ series.
    the AZ11"e" is supposed to be some improvement...

    bottom line is,
    i'm not sure you'll be able to get higher than a fsb bump....
    and how stable she'll run higher,
    or if you can alter vcore and multiplier....
    or what success you'll have, but i wish you luck!

    i think its a good start, and something to play with, for a extremely decent price.... just don't expect too much of an O/C and i dont think you'll be dissappointed.
    personally, i would buy that deal if FRYs was in NY

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    im running it at 105x9 and the cpu temp is 42c after folding for over an hour, guess ill try a lil more.

    thank you for he info


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