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    I need a quiet 80mm fan. which one?

    My dads computer has an 80mm case fan/CPU fan (Ducting on a dell) and it is slowly dying. His computer is starting to freeze up due to overheating.

    My question to all of you...

    What 80mm fan can I get for him that is quiet, but will give me some good air flow?

    Links please

    Thanks everyone!
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    Go with an 80MM Panaflo Medium CFM. Here's a LINK

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    definitely Panaflo. It flows nearly as much as air as the ones with the highest airflow and is a extremely quiet. I have a Sanyo Denki that blows extremely hard but is so noisey that it is intolerable. I took it off my heat sink on my cpu and replaced with the panaflo. My cpu temperature only went up about 1 or 2 degrees celsius but the noise reduction was dramatic.
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    yes, panaflo
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    Panaflo is a good choice , the fan pressure is very good for the rated cfm , if you need an even quieter fan link below.... Good Luck .

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    Panaflo i always hear good stuff about.

    Ys-Tech ive forund are also good for dba-cfm ration, and ever-cool.

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