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    Heatpipe question

    is there water inside the heatpipe itself. Because i accidently cut one open. and is there anyway i can seal it back up with the intense heat when in pc in mind.

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    There's fluid inside it, yes. You might be able to seal it back up but I doubt it would work as well as it once did.

    How did you cut a heatpipe open accidentally?

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    I was trying to mod a xp-120 to fit on my x800 xt and as i was cutting it with dremel i cut the pipe. Very rusty inside i might add.

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    AFAIK there is a fluid that is usually under a different pressure than its surroundings giving it its magical properties. So I think you may have let the genie out of the er.. pipe.
    It's hard to look at it like a learning experence.

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    It's usually water inside 'em, at a near vacuum. The stuff you saw that looked like rust was sintered copper, to wick the water that condenses at the cool end back to the warm end.

    Heatpipes can't be repaired.

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    SwampThing right - once b*ggered up, the heatpipe is bust.

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