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    Say hello to the car that feeds us.

    Well, I must say thank you to the fine people at Pontiac for making this car, but jesus is she ugly. Feast your eyes on all her glory, the 1977 Pontiac Bonneville:

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    Wow, you think that car is ugly? I myself prefer the little "rice rockets," but this here is a "G" ride and looks quite nice to me.

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    Definitely a hideous car. Of course, there is no car that will ever look good in maroon.

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    I hate those early 80's late 70's long sedans. Good thing we only need its HC

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    OMG! All this time I failed to put 1+1 together - its the same underpinnings as my 1st driver - 1977 Oldsmobile Delta 88! Definatly better than the other GM models based on the same chassis, although the rest of the 88's model-years had crappy grills. By FAR the best tail lights of that GM chassis, although the Bonne comes close.

    Mine was red on red - HUGE interior with super-plush velvety bench seats, 3spd auto, 295lb/ft torque Chevy 350 V8. Boy would that thing grunt with a glasspack muffler and the aircleaner lid inverted! It also seemed to float on air with new shocks and tires. The upwards-facing paint may have been faded redish-brown and took FOREVER to give heat in the winter, but that was an awsome car. At the time, the twenty-two (22!!) gallon gas tank cost LESS than $20 to fill up (winter of 1998). Speaking of cash, I also made money off of it fixing by simply tuning it up (the seller was a dope). That car was tha S***! God does that bring back memories and faces. As that suggests, it has a huge rear seat - not just for helping to stuff 9ppl into it...

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