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    Front Bezel mod ideas (pics)

    Gonna cut the front bezel for the case I've been working on lately and am kinda stuck on the shape I want. I have a couple of ideas, but thought comments from you guys might jog the creative juices a bit.

    Side and top panels are drying with the first coat of metallic charcoal grey. The bezel will be the same color with a red LED fan behind it. I have been planing on using hexagon-hole modders mesh in the front, as you might gather from the images.

    What do you guys think? Which one do you like or think will flow better with the design? I think the unconventional one might look good... but maybe it looks goofy. I dunno...

    Oh, I painted the chassis to go along with it...

    Have a good one!

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    i like the "blobby" one better, but only if it is a little more symetrical. i dont like the example you have there, but if it wasnt so lopsided, then i would like it a lot

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    Considering your drives is all symetrical and straight, the jagged one looks really out of place. Your jagged window looks alright since it's in a separate plane by itself.
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    definatly the blobby one, its pretty cool compared to a boring symetrical cut
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    Why not combine the two and layout a pattern that looks like a shotgun blast, or a explosive crater.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Electron Chaser
    Why not combine the two and layout a pattern that looks like a shotgun blast, or a explosive crater.
    Interesting ideas. I mentioned the spewing volcano idea to my GF and... let's just say that I would probably never hear the end of it.

    Thanx for the comments, guys.

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