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    SP-94 + Panaflo... have it blow onto heatsink or suck?

    In the next few hours I'm going to be using this heatsink and fan, want to know what would probably work best: having the fan suck hot air from the heatsink, or blow cool air onto it.

    Here's the case setup: 2 80mm intake fans in front, 1 80mm intake fan on side, 1 120mm exhaust fan on back, plus Antec True430 PSU.

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    Blowing onto

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    My XP-120 + Panaflo works best in exhaust. YMMV, I suggest you try multiple configurations and see what's best.

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    Thermalright suggests blowing onto the heatsink but I would suggest trying both.

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    Definately try both.
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    Sucking if you have a duct to the outside, blowing if you don't.
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    are you using a 92mm Panaflow? if so I have the exact same setup and blowing works the best, barring, as previously mentioned, any extra case mods like a heat duct, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kurisu
    My XP-120 + Panaflo works best in exhaust. YMMV, I suggest you try multiple configurations and see what's best.
    I have the same setup but with a Delta . Works great for me. But may not for you. Like everyone else said try it both ways and see which is right for you.
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    Ok, once I finalize my setup (using a 3.06 instead of a 2.4 right now) I'll try both ways, shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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