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    Is this the right section to ask this question?

    Hey, my friend says he has a SM bus controller problem on his AMD Athlon XP 3200+, I'm wondering what to do or where to go to get this driver.

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    They don't generally need drivers the BIOS handles it. If you mean it doesn't work with the monitoring software he wants to use, then look for plugins for the software to support that SM bus device, if that particular piece of software doesn't support it at all, look for an alternate application. If it's SiSoft Sandra reporting it, ignore it. If he has a true problem, it could be a BIOS bug in which case his motherboard manufacturer may have an upgraded BIOS to handle it. Also issues with the manufacturers monitoring utils should be taken up with the manufacturers, maybe also they might have an updated app.

    If he's using speedfan, try motherboard monitor (MBM) if he's using MBM try speedfan.


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