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    Centon DDR2 at 744 MHz...

    These Micron modules are quite amazing. PC ICE... the overclocking guru from XS... managed to obtain a clock of 744MHZ on some Centon DDR2 on an Abit AA8. All was done at stock cooling... although as we speak he's testing it on phase-change cooling. Here are the results...

    More info can be found at the Centon forums...
    part # is CIG/INXN
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    That is ridiculous, look at those dual channel memory bandwidth scores.

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    I know.. puts all my rigs to shame...

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    slow I get higher with pc 4400 at 1:1

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    Quote Originally Posted by meionm
    slow I get higher with pc 4400 at 1:1
    Slow? Are you looking at the right screenshots? The screenshots from xtremesystems are single channel. If you click the other link, the dual channel mem bandwidth is over 8000.

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    Wow, but is this in the right section?

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    Holy crap thats fast... Cant wait to see what an FX will do with an unlocked multi

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