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Thread: Usb Problem

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    Usb Problem

    Hi Guys
    I need some help.
    I have lost the use of my usb ports.
    In device manager:-
    root hubs are there, host controllers are there, enhanced PCI to usb is there and ststed as working properly. But nothing I plug in works. re-installed the drivers for my mobo but to no avail. I have 4 on board usb 2 ports on the mobo but none of them work.
    Any ideas on what to check next would be appreciated.

    Win xp pro sp2
    768mb pc3200
    AMD 3.2g cpu
    gigabyte ga-k8ns mobo

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    Have you tried re-installing the drivers by way of Device Manger?

    Not to scare you, but some Trojan Horses & Worms attack the USB and
    HID, among many other things. Experienced this first hand recently.

    And updating your Anti-virus software isn't always effective at
    finding them as some more recent Trojans bypass the updates
    and redirect them back to 'Local Machine' in the registry.

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    think i've tried the dev manager re-install.
    i'll rety if not how do i sort if it's a trojan.

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    Are your devices getting power. If you had a lot of stuff on the USB, you may have overloaded its power, and blew a fuse. Some boards have these fuses, some dont. Check your mobo manual to see if the is a fuse for the USB Power.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndyH8
    think i've tried the dev manager re-install.
    i'll rety if not how do i sort if it's a trojan.
    A trojan would be the last thing I'd check after drivers
    and what 'bchur83' suggested above.

    My problem was that 'McAfee A-V' wasn't picking up a Worm because
    the trojan had disabled the updates.
    The two most common A-V apps are 'Norton' & 'McAfee'. Naturally the
    hackers attack these popular ones so their malicious viruses can spread unabated.

    Your only option is to try the smaller A-V apps like AVG, HouseCall, or Panda.
    Many trojans don't add code to your registry to mess with these. Although
    I've read there is one that specifically targets AVG now since it's so popular.

    Click these to see the A-V apps mentioned above:

    *Trend Micro House Call *

    * AVG * works well and is very popular. Which can be a double edged sword.

    * Panda Active scan *
    This one found entries the other two did not. While it scans your
    system, it requires registration to remove the infections. It does
    provide a list so you can manually remove them from the registry though.


    If you do find one do a Google search of the virus' name and
    you should come up with all sorts of useful info. Sadly, there are
    new trojans that can find their way onto your system by way
    of JPG image files now.

    Keep in mind, searching for viruses to solve your problem should be the last
    resort when all other courses have failed. Often the only way to completely remove
    ALL the malicious registry entries is to do a complete reformat of your HDD.
    Missing just one entry means the virus can spread itself upon sytem reboot,
    or even every time you open I-Explorer.

    Obviously, your best bet is to not become infected in the first place.
    Don't use Outlook express or I-Explorer as these have "back doors".
    Best to use Opera or FireFox browsers with built in pop-up killerz IMO.

    best of luck.
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