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    Big Diiferance in Temp with Thermochill 120.2/120.3

    Im planning to water cool an overclocked A64 3000+(TDX) and a 6800 GT(DD 6800). i will be using the DD Laing 12v Pump (317GPH). will there be a big differance in temps if i use a Thermochill 120.2 instead of a 120.3?

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    my guess is you might see 1-2 degrees difference

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    umm ur gonna have to mount it outside ur case. That Thermochill 120.3 is really long( I have one)
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    so the differance will only be like 1-2 degrees??

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    i doubt it will only be 1-2... you're talking 2 more 120mm fans plus more surface area.

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    tough to say really, ppl who use 120.3's usually pelt since they have such high water temps and they use the 120.3 to bring those temps down...
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