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    Which 6800GT to get?

    All price are from newegg, all specs look the same on these cards...but the price seems to have a huge range between them.

    Elsa 390.00
    XFX 399.00
    PNY 405.00
    EVGA 405.00
    Chaintech 425.00
    BFG 469.00 - their core is 370.00 but I think they just o/c it.

    All other have a 350 core.

    Pls advise on what to get. Don't plan on ocing or anything.....yet

    edited - those were x800pro brand heh my band. now is the 6800gt brand.
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    hi, been doing the same as you and researching the 6800 GT's and most people (including me) favor the Gainward cards. I have a gainward ti4600 that has taken everything i've thrown at it. I plan to get a gainward 6800GT golden sample this christmas.
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    Get the Gainward Golden Sample. Those cards overclock the best out of all the GTs. Plus they gaurntee that it will do atleast Ultra speeds at $100 cheaper

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    Yea i second that w/ Sent.

    Just a note: The BFG 6800 GT is $400 at best buy. Damned newegg and their gouging!
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    i agree in getting a gainward. but from the list you posted above, i've haven't heard anything about the Elsa, all the other brands are fine except for the BFG. thats way to pricey and isn't worth 1$ than any of the other cards, another reason i wouldn't go with the BFG is because of the HS they are using, which doesn't perform as well as the reference coolers that the others come with, so i wouldn't go with the BFG unless you can find it for cheaper and plan on replacing the HS. the chaintech comes with the reference design but looks better than the others imo

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    Def. the Gainward GS. I have it and love it! I can reach (more or less) UE speeds. Look at sig.
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    I wouldnt even get a 6800 card get the x800pro, Nvidia is having to many driver and video card problems right now.

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