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    Does CPU speed affect memory stability (A64)

    I use a 3400 CH CG 1mb with a DFI 250gb LanParty (754 single channel)
    with 2x512mb HyperX PC3200 BH-5

    When OCing at 250HTTx10, (2500mhz) memory is not memtest stable @ 1:1 2-2-2-5 (DDR500) no matter how much voltage i give (not even 3.45V)
    But when i OC at 250HTTx9 (2250mhz) memory at 1:1, memory passes memtest fine at 3.2V (DDR500)

    both are CPC 1T

    Does CPU speed affect memory stability, especially when the memory controller is on the AMD64 die?

    DFI-street forums tells me that its due to memory not being able to keep up when CPU @2500mhz.....anyone can verify this?
    on the otherhand i can run 11x230HTT 1:1 1T (DDR460) and memory is fine when CPU at 2530mhz.....

    anyone seen this behavior before?

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    CPU stability affects system stability. If the system is unstable anything and everything can malfunction in any fashion it chooses, or quit working entirely.
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    Majority of memory will not do 1t over 240 stable
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