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    Can't find the case I want... help please!

    Ok I am trying to find an aluminum full tower case with no window. I love the look of the chieftec cases (dragon line) and would love to get another. However, when I look for one I either find that the website doesn't have the aluminum version ( or the price is way too high ($90+ on If anyone has a suggetion for a good replacement for this kind of case or can show me a good site that has this case for a decent price I would be much appriciative. I don't want a window and it has to be aluminum because I want the weight to be low and I have my own plans for windows. Also I kinda like the lian li cases other than the price and I am still debating if I like the upside down mobo design. So any case $150 or lower with plenty of room would be best for suggestions. Thanks for the help.

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    Antec P160 is not a bad choice.

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    yea.. the p160 is good..

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    I just got another aluminum Chieftec dragon , no window , very good reseller ....

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    Nice they have them on sale. Looks like I am ordering one tonight. I have used xoxide before to get my power supply.
    They are a very good company. Glad to see they have them on sale now. Thanks for the input.

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