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    BlueLine water pumps

    I am looking for a pump with more head pressure than a Swiftech 650 at about the same size and not like an Iwaki and found this:

    Flow Charts


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    Looks promising. Keep us informed.

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    Its very similar to an IWAKi....made by an EX-IWAKI engineer.

    Thorilan we summon you to further inform.

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    I didnt buy anyting... just posting it in here to get some feedback on it. BlueLine pumps were created by guy who used to work for Iwaki so these are very high quality pumps.

    EDIT: Senater_Cache beat me to it.

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    <thorilan appears>

    yes the bluelines are by THE iwaki engineer that designed the original pumps we love so much. thier housing is very similar and have most of the same characteristics except for they have a slight improvement for heat ( like how the US version is slightly hotter)
    here is the link btw

    but the pic above is a custom sealife t1 (which i have atm but am saving for another project)

    currently you can still purchase T1-T4 BUT the company does not make them anymore
    ( im not sure if they where originaly designed by him or if it was a company buyout )

    they have titanium rotors and bell housings and are the quietest pump on the planet ( ok a bit of an exageration but not far off)

    the T1 is a preasure factory suitable for multiple loops and would be overkill in 99.9999% of all single systems
    at 23liters per minute this puts out 19.2 feet of head

    the mounting allows you to rotate 120 degrees so that you can mount it in 3 positions .

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    it looks like it puts out alot of heat. 90watts? is that good for the loop?
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    Their also known as Poseidon PS1-4

    Here's a little info from ProCooling about it's use from others.

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