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    Looking for opinions and suggestions

    Okay, I've been moddingmy case and doing some painting but I'm at a cross roads here. I am going to hand paint or air brush paint a picture on the non-window side of my computer case. What the picture is going to be of.. I haven't a clue.

    Let me show you pictures of how the paint looks so far and what the "background" to any picture will be.

    Paint job all around case
    Close up
    Another Close up

    Now the inside case is a shiny metalic blue you see there for the lightning effect right now. I'm also using "Frosted" paint on the edges of the arcyllic window to make it look like the inside of the computer is frozen over. There will be plenty of black lights inside the case and some blue lights for effect. The major color scheme is black and blue with chrome highlights here and there. I'm using the natural chrome parts like the heatsink, fans, and inserts along with chrome molding in parts.

    I'm trying to narrow down my choice of a picture I want on the side. I am thinking of doing...

    a) an anime picture or theme of some sort because I like anime. I don't care what anime though or even it's a collage of anime images.
    b) a game theme or collage.
    c) a fantasy theme as in a dragon or dragons or knights or something.
    d) a tron-ish theme. Maybe some light cycles or a vindicator and such make a "second" background with a tron character or two in the fore ground.
    e) anything else I may not have thought of that someone thinks would be a cool picture.

    Please, no nature crap. No kiddie crap either. I'm not putting pokemon on my computer. I would also like to keep it PG-13 ish to Hollywood R. No porno, despite the fact I may like it heh.

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    This suggestion covers A-C

    edit: that kinda sucks now that I think about it.. I'll find something else
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    that looks really good how did you paint the lightning?

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    Perhaps maybe just your online name or handle, written in some cool font, or even in the lighting, just something that would stand out..sorry..just throwin some ideas out there

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    Thanks Walkitiki, I like idea's I can certainly incorporate my online handle or avatar, but it doesn't have to be just that either.

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