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    Shopping for Notebook...really need input.

    Hey fellas, I've never owned a notebook and so I don't know what to look for in terms of brand name and such. nor do i know what the price ranges are for Notebooks

    I'm going to use it for 'general' use, nothing graphics intensive like games or video editing....Mostly just school work, Internet and Music Editing. I want something more stable than powerful. Something about a 15'' screen will be fine....Maybe my only concern would be to have a bigger sized HD...something around 80GB (which probably isn't even that big these days).

    note: my roommate has a function next to the mouse pad where i can scroll up and down the page rolling my finger up and down the special pad..I'd like to have one with that.

    one last question, is it worth trying to build a notebook? i've done a experience on a notebook. Would I save enough to try it?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Get a Centrino. You will get crazy battery life that way.

    Biggest laptop hd right now is 80gb I think.

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    I wouldn't try to build one - its probably easier and cheaper to buy one.

    As XWRed1 mentioned, Centrino based laptops are pretty powerful (with the Pentium-M) and get good battery life if you are on the move a lot.

    Scroller pads (not sure exactly what they are called) vary depending on the laptop brand. My Acer has a small thing for moving up and down a page. I know some Packard Bell laptops have a small pad down the side for scrolling.
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    I've had three bad lcd screens from dell. You could say I'm not a real fan anymore. Anyways if you do get a dell I recommend buying a hard drive from new egg or somewhere else because dell puts crappy 5400rpm or slower drives in almost all of their notebooks.

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    5400rpm has been the fastest in the laptop world for a while, until recently with a handful of 7200rpm drives. The norm is 4200 rpm.

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    what are prices running at? anything under $8-900?
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    Probably not much anything that cheap which is also new or remotely cutting edge.

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    are there any sites that will let me pick and choose my parts and they will give me a final price?..something like, but not dell..

    btw what is the UXGA/WSXGA/etc.? and what is the diff b/t desknote and notebook?

    This is what i want in a nutshell:
    15-16 in. monitor
    60-80GB HD
    512 MB Ram
    Vid Card..good enough for dvds, no games
    wireless card
    No OS (have my own)
    easy internet scrolling pad..?
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    UXGA/WXGA are screen resolutions.

    Notebook vs. Desknote is about the class of the laptop. A notebook is a real laptop, a Desknote is desktop parts stuck into a BIG laptop. Desknotes usually aren't too portable, but are marginally more powerful.

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    can you elaborate on what you mean by they're screen resolutions? they represent different classes of resolutions? so wxga is better because..? and so on
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    I would recommend you get a second battery also, it is well worth it. My friend just got a new laptop and he got a second battery he gets 7 hours and 15 minutes (centrino, 7200rpm harddrive good memory, etc).
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