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    good site for cases?

    whats a good site for purchasing cases, aside from xoxide?

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    I like looking on for nice deals. Also, you can just use something like to find a cheap price on something you want. Good luck.

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    Try these websites out. I usually shop around for the best price here is a list of different places that I have purchased from and would recommend.

    Frozen CPU



    Excaliber PC

    Tiger Direct

    Since Xoxide and Newegg have already been mentioned I didn't include them.

    They may all not offer the same selection but all are worth a look.

    I hope this helps.
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    hah xoxide isn't a good place to buy them...

    they keep them outside under a tarp...

    go for egg or directron for case IMO
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    hah xoxide isn't a good place to buy them...

    they keep them outside under a tarp...
    lmfao under a tarp u serious?
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    another vote for newegg, svc, directron and then i will add one or 2 more: zipzoomfly, and GoGoCity good luck with the case finding

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    Never know when you will run across a good deal , like free shipping , for cases it's rare but it happens .

    To add some other sites for case shopping :

    BTW ... I'm using a Chieftec aluminum Dragon server case right now , that I recently bought from , nice , no problems .

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    I bought a modified case from here and am very happy with it.


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