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    What is the Calculation (or benchmark) used to arrive at a PR Rating?

    I know AMD factors in such things as cache size and frequency, but what is the exact math they use? Obviously, the way they calculate these numbers must somehow correlate with the performance numbers with the Pentium IV (since the numbers don't really show any congruence with other consumer/prosumer-level CPU... unless anyone's heard of a 3.8 Ghz Apple G5 ).

    By extension, if there is concrete math for these numbers (as opposed to marketing, seat-of-the-pants product naming), someone ought to have written a program to calculate it.

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    It's more marketeering, I think. (I'm an AMD man myself and will be the first to admit that.) I do know that Sisoft Sandra acutally does its own calculations and somehow generates a PR number but how it does that is beyond me.

    I do not want to come right out and say it stands for Pentium Rating...but it may well stand for Pentium Rating
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    Originaly AMD stated the PR rating was based on performance vs the original socket A Athlon Thunderbird at 1 Ghz speed. If you had a PR rating of 2000 then the Thunderbird would have to run at 2 Ghz to match your CPU. Whether or not that is still the rating system used is doubtfull. Personaly I think since the A64 release AMD is doing ballpark figures against P4 Northwood CPU's but thats just me....

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    If you noticed, there's a dedicated AMD enthusiast website (AMDEdge) introduced very recently. Although it requires registration, its free. In there, they got some technical stuff, most of it we already anyhow, but the one very interesting feature that attracted me is the inside view on how they measure performance on the K8. Its an online presentation, but its almost impossible to get in and watch the stream. They are limiting the number of users who can view the event simultaneouly. Its always full. I've been trying to get in for days now, no luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fateshammer
    They are limiting the number of users who can view the event simultaneouly. Its always full. I've been trying to get in for days now, no luck.

    Its a conspiracy..only the people who have shown complete dedication to AMD over the past years are allowed to take a look inside the shell of their wonder chips*. I'm sure you made at least one P1 slip in the past...

    *i'm joking

    For athlonXP T-bred (not barton) there was a fixed calculation i remember, something like Mhz*X+A. Dont know about the newer ones.
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