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    Where to order games from?

    Where do you guys order your games from? Who has a good price? Offer free shipping?

    Some of the places I used to order from have stores here in town now so I get whacked with taxes and I'm in no hurry usually so I can save a few bucks..

  2. #2 Great prices, shipping is about $5 for 2-day fedex.

    If they dont have it usually . EB has high prices, but sometimes deals like free shipping to make up for it.
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    Look also at . Free shipping over $25 and NO tax (for most) . Never had a problem with Amazon .
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    If you can't find it locally for a good price, is usually the first place I check, they have good prices.

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    Ebay is excellent for a lot of games. I've bought several games (brand new, too) off Ebay and saved like $15-20 on them.

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