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    IRQ 11 Used by 5 different hardwares!

    Ive been getting bluescreens due to my NIC card, and decided to check out the IRQ settings, so i load up system information and find out that IRQ 11 is being shared by 5 seperate hardwares including my NIC card....

    11 RADEON 9700PRO
    11 Netword Everywhere Fast Ethernet Adapter
    11 SB PCI(WDM

    Well, this isnt good =/ I need to change them but the "change setting" box in the resources tab of the hardware properties of ANYTHING is grayed out and wont let me change...

    I'm guessing this has to do with ACPI, under "computer" it says Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC. I'm guessing if i turn off ACPI and turn on APIC, i will be able to change the IRQs, someoen correct if wrong.

    Only thing is, i heard that you have to reinstall windows when either Turning ACPI off or ON, and i cant remember which, would i have to reinstall windows? Someone help!

    edit: found some more info, here is my motherboard manual:

    It seems that my motherboard bios does not have an option to change IRQs unfortunately....

    thanks in advance
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    ACPI Generally does an excellent job of hanling resources. How do you know that the bluescreens are from the nic? maybe updating the driver or firmware would help. If not nic's are like 10 bucks. personally I'd just go out and buy a new one if it continued to cause trouble.

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