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    Must have software

    I'm just wondering, what software do you people for example have onna disc ready to go when you freshly install windows. Examples being like winamp winrar firefox photoshop ect. What programs are programs you must have and install after you reformat

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    i have a disc with all the programs i will install like drivers(video, mobo, mouse, keyboard, ect...), benchmarks, browsers(mozilla, firefox, opera, avant), p2p(dc++, azureus, emule), chat(mirc, trillian), theres alot more on it. i burn a new copy before i format to the newest version of the programs.
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    Nice, i need to add the benchamrks onto mine, im just trying to get a feel of what people have on these format discs, as im in the process of getting one together

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    I normally do a backup for all the stuff in my documents, its where I keep most of my stuff.
    programs wise - dvd burning software, (nero 6), Adobe CS (which is 5 disks), AIM, firefox, Office 2003, benchmark stuff, camera software, all the drivers and whatnot. its normally 1-2 dvd disks, depending how often I fresh install.
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    trillian, Nav corp 9, office 2k3, xfire, fahlogstats, daemontools, winamp5, nimo codec pack, photoshop, firefox, gfi languard, winscp3, putty, and flash fxp
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    I just redownload it all, because it forces me to get the new versions of stuff.

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    I have two HDD so I pretty much back up all my crap. Before I got the second one though I maily just did the basics. Firewall(ZA, now PANDA, AntiVirus, AVG , Also Panda now.) Some Final Fnatsay Music of course and thats about it all the others I just redownload.
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