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    Thermaltake 480 butterfly adjustable rails?

    i have the psu in my sig, and am wanting to adjust the 3v rails so i can give my ram a bit more juice. I wondered if any1 knows if these psu's have adjustable rails and how would i go about reading the voltage change without a multimeter?


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    Nope, no pots in those. Only psu's i know for sure that have pots inside are:

    TTGI ( has 1 pot)
    PC P&C

    There might be others, but i dunno about them. Maybe the other guyz here can share that info

    Also there's no other sure fire way to measure the rails other than the multimeter method. Measuring voltages with software is not 100% accurate.

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    ocz powersteam 520 has external pots
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    The TT butterflys and silentpowers have adjustable rails this thread has a picture of where they are. However it does not have an adjustable 3.3v rail and frankly I wouldn't worry about the 3.3v rail as much as the 12v rail which will hold back your oc's. Also are you sure your ram will last very long at 3v or more.

    Hope this helps
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