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    Please help with memory settings...pc crash

    My pc crash once a day and I think it might have to do with my memory timing. Im running a shuttle nforce2, pc3500 kingston hyperx ch5, amd mobile 2500. Please check for me if these settings are ok.

    cpu voltage is at 1.475
    fsb is at 220
    multiplier at 8.5

    It runs good with this setting, but somtimes it crash like anytime once or twice a day. Also, if I want to bump the fsb up more, or want to maximize the settings or speed, what should my ram timing and cpu voltage be?? Please help.
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    what voltage are you giving your memory?

    what kind of crashes? blue screens?

    what are you doing when it crashes?
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    Thank you. I have the memory voltage at maximum. It crashed whenver, like when Im surfing, it just reset by itself. Soemtimes when Im playing games it would crash too. cpu voltage? ram settings? please help.

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