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    What is the best Stress Test Software?

    Im asking because a Software called "CPU-Burn in" or so for 30 Minutes results in higher Temps then running Prime95 (either Torture Test) for 30 Minutes. But peeps keep saying that Prime95 is the best Software.

    Now im a little bit confused? Which is the best an why?

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    CPU Burn-in can achieve slightly higher temps than Prime95, but if all you want is higher temperature then just stop the fan on your heatsink. Prime95 is not just executing demanding code on the chip, it checks the results. So it's actually testing the chip (vs just stressing it).

    But since you have an HT-enabled CPU, you can try to get the best of both worlds. Run 1 instance of Burn-in and 1 of Prime95. Open up task manager to make sure each program is using about 50% of the processor time, then leave it alone for 12-24 hours. You could also experiment with two instances of Prime or two of Burn-in, but it's usually best to have Prime in there for the error-checking.

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    I usually run Prime 95 and CPU burn in at the same time like NookieN said

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