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    usb webcam from asus x800pro vivo package, no drivers..?

    Hi, i got this usb camera with my asus x800pro vivo, but i couldnt find any drivers or software for the usb webcam in the box... any1 know where i can maybe download them at all?? thanks!
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    Hey do a search on google and Yahoo!.

    You should be able to find the drivers on the Asus Taiwan site.

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    The drivers for the camera are on the "ASUS VGA Driver" cd. You have to actually browse the CD. You'll see a folder called "Webcam". Drivers are in there. They definatley don't make it easy to find them. Before I found them on the CD, I went all over the place looking online. No luck. I think I was actually browsing the CD for something else and found them on accident.

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