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    Can you buy this in stores?

    can you buy this in stores or do you have to buy it off of this site? has anyone seen it on other sites? thanx

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    i'v never seen anything like that at a store, most likely you'll have to get it off the net
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    Most likely are going to have to buy it online, doubt there is much of a demand for it so stores will not carry them

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    That thing was just released in the today I think... or perhaps sometime in the past week. Created alot of commotion in the gaming forums.

    I don't think anyone else has released a similar product, so you may have to end up ordering from lik-sang. Usually the stuff on that site can only be found there.

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    Thats an awsome product, I was playing Halo2 at my friends house and complaining how hard it is to aim with that stupid controller. Now maybe I can have my mouse and keyboard back .
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    You can probably find that on fleabay, although i'm sure shipping would be almost as bad as lik-sang's. You also MIGHT find it at a computer show. Sounds odd i know, but every computer show i've gone to there are at least 2 dealers selling hard to find console items

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