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    EZ media power supply

    I just got a 430 watt EZ media power supply.

    It was pretty cheap, so i jumped on the deal. However i recently heard that cheaper power supplies can die out, and even take the mobo/cpu and rest of the computer out with it.

    Has any one had any experiance with EZ media before, because now im not sure if i should take this back and spend twice the money to get a better brand.


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    sounds like a cheapo company..

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    Haha I got the same one as you...but I got myself a true antec PSU...

    It got my OC to 3.006 Ghz with so it isnt very bad.. but I couldnt push my oc because i guess it couldnt give enough power to ocs beyond that became unstable ocs...
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    Is that a Fry's deal? EZ-Media seems to be the lightest PSU they sell for any given power rating, and Fry's sells some pretty sorry PSUs, especially those included with cases. If you got it from Fry's, think of exchanging it their $40 after-rebate Enermax windowed case w/ 350W Enermax PSU (was $10 AR last year). Among the cheapo PSUs Fry's sells, the best may be the 350W or 420W LinkWorld, which they often have for $15 AR and actually looks OK except for its puny 470uF high voltage filters, which are roughly twice that size for better PSUs.

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    ya it was from frys. Sounds like i need to take this thing back then. thanks for the info.

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