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    Off hiatus, iNET stopped advertising in MY posts.
    Well, when I started this obsessi-- I mean Hobby, of mine, my idea of a good board was a Soyo P4 board, running SDRAM, and a 1.6W chip.

    Since that time, I have learned almost everything I learned, right here!! I'd like to thank Skip, Joe, and the rest, just for starting this place.

    I'd really like to thank Sam (SSS) for his monitoring of the Classifieds, as well as letting me bend his ear, over questions on being a good Moderator. Believe it or not, Moderating is one of the most difficult jobs on these Fora, and these guys don't get enough credit. Since I'm a Mod over at a (much) smaller Forum, I can really appreciate what they ALL do.

    Finally, I'd like to thank EVERY member here, for making this place so pleasant, as well as informative!

    Abit, RIP!

    It was great while it lasted, but my other home is gone.


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    Extra special thanks to SpeeDj and red_hot_machine whom I bug regularly on IRC, and who have never yet told me to **** off when I ask them
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    My research fellowship is eating all my time, so I may be slow to reply to emails and private messages.

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    I'd like to thank all the moderators and admins that keep this forum up and running every day

    Also, thanks to Larva for indirectly teaching me through his posts just about everything I know about computer power supplies.
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    Thread subject: SCSI Questions
    "Thank You" to: Xaotic
    For: This member gave me the greatest advise, and basically helped me step by step to pu together a great SCSI setup.

    Thanks a lot!

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    Thread subject: FPS vs Refresh Rate
    Thanks to: Jigpu
    For: Excellent posts on Vsnyc and Triple Buffering - very simple, detailed explanation. Thanks for taking the time to post that up.
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    The OC Forums Thank You Thread
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    Wow, Where to start. So many helped me back in the day. Thanks to all that make it a great place to hang out...

    "FEAR NOT" ISAIAH 41:10

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    I want to thank Captain Slug for this thread that is giving me so many great modding ideas.
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    Thanks to everyone who gave me tips and advice when I was putting together my water cooling system!

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    OK OK, if there is anyone that I wanna thank it's Dan......
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    I've been away from this site for months now, but felt an overwhelming urge to pop back and just wish all a "Merry Festive Season"

    I also want to say "Thank you" to everyone whom I've interacted with (mostly in the "Cooling" section), for all the help, support and encouragement. It gave me the guts to improve my cooling and build my own ducts (major achievement for a non-DIY'er).

    You people definitely rock and I hope this site continues to remain a super-useful source of excellent information, for years!

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    I would like to thank alot of people here.Countless actually.I learned everything I know here which is not that much compared to most of you.
    One person that stuck out for me is icesaber.He doesnt post much but has tutored me on aim and taught me stuff that I could never have learned from just reading.Also turned out to be a good friend. My other long time buddy football has provided me with great conversation,info and friendship.
    Also thanks to AVG for mentioning me You are very smart and have come a long way too.
    David and JigPu have been an anormous help as well.Happy holidays and good luck in the new year everyone!

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    I wanna thank everyone that helped me here with my dualie build, none of the parts are here, but if it wasn't for you guys I would have never caught the dual bug. Thanks to all who helped.

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    I'd like to thank Arch for helping me figure out how to cool my case... (a dremel works wonders... lol)

    and another big thanks goes to Larva... he helped me get a nifty PSU that is a lot better than my cheapie Okia PSU... it's silent!!!

    Also I'd like to thank all the Folders for donating spare mhz, time, and money into an awesome job.

    PS - This Forum Rocks!!!!

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    I'd like to thank all of the members.I just found this thread,so I cant say who helped me---since I have been asking noob questions for like 2-3 months now....but I make alot of purchasing decisions based on the input of the members here.

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    Archilochus always answers my questions.

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    I'd like to go back about 4 years in time and thank senior member Tim. He has been gone a long time now, but he helped me with my cooling stumbling block and helped me eventually to reach my 1 gig goal (which was a huge accomplishment back then).

    Like others have said, there are too many people to thank individually. Sometimes just reading someone else's post will give me an idea to try that works, so those people never know they helped me too. The exchange of knowledge here is wonderful.

    Certainly, a couple of my buddies that really need special recognition are Mr B and SilverSinkSam. You can't imagine how much time and effort they have contributed to making us safe from all the evil little trolls lurking around.

    Although as regular members, seniors, mods, and admins, we freely and willingly give out help and support because we love this hobby... it's always nice to get a personal "thank you". I noticed a special thanks directed to me earlier in this thread and it gave me a nice warm fuzzy feeling. I always appreciate it when I get a PM thanking me. Sometimes we take this great forum for granted and forget it's really the members that make it #1.
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    I've not been around fpor a while due to other commitments in life, but wel all need a break sometimes. Its the people who continue to bring me back to this forum and the knowledge that is shared..I would like to thank everyone for that but expecially

    Skip for working exceptionally hard to keep the forums running during difficault times.
    The Admin for believing in me enough to make me a moderator.
    Arkaine23 and Christoph for spending considerable amounts of time for helping me with Linux in the past and future.
    RedHotMachine for being a fantastic friend

    and a blast from the past...

    Wild_Andy_C for teaching me to be humble and respectfull with the knowledge I have, not to mention fantastic Avatars :P
    one M15x is never enough

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    Id like to say a huge thank you to archilochus, for helping me out so many times with any problem iv ever had, cooling tips and guides, providing ideas and inspiration, being so patient when iv been impossibly dumb, and just generally being a great friend. Cheers bro, you're the man

    Thanks also to clocker2 for inspiring me in my case modding, deathman20 for helping me get my p4 rig all set up and OC'd to the max, jabtek for helping me out and shipping to me in the uk, and rhino56 for all his help with setting up my prommie mach1.

    Finally id also like to say thank you to Sentential, for helping me setup and fix my axp nf7s rig siren and overclocking problems, and more recently for so patiently explaining the entire ins and outs of a64's and how to OC them - i really didnt have a clue - helping me raise my OC from practically stock to just short of 2.6ghz atm....


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    a big thank you to AVG for helping me figure out what i was doing wrong trying to post a pic to the member's pic sticky.

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    Sentential gets a huge thanks from me for helping me out with my now determined dead mobo. He responded in about 1 min to my thread and then talked me through some steps on MSN.

    I am voting that Sen be considered for a Senior member status on the forums. He has tons of stickies on this forum and is always willing to help people out in great detail whenver they need it.

    Sen you rule .
    "Because of you my lady named fame, people spot me like nerves spot pain."


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