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    Where's the fun in that? Who's going to sing "I told you so!" then?

    OC Detective correctly guessed Socket 754 lineups even before all the Barton lineups were known for sure, so guess away friends , let's see who gets it right this time!


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    Quote Originally Posted by jcw122
    Quattro...what IS ur avatar about?
    A 70s & 80s band called Blue Oyster Cult
    Need a new sig

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    Quote Originally Posted by c627627
    Where's the fun in that? Who's going to sing "I told you so!" then?

    OC Detective correctly guessed Socket 754 lineups even before all the Barton lineups were known for sure, so guess away friends , let's see who gets it right this time!

    I am going along the lines that they will launch at around the 2 x 1GHz or 2 x 1.2GHz speed (as they are supposed to be over 30% better than their dual cpu counterparts then 2 x 2 x 1Ghz is effectively better than 2 x 250 Opterons). I also say this because of their concerns over heat and the need for stability in the server sector so I think they will be ultra conservative.
    And yes this is entirely speculation and I have no proof to back it up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by c627627
    I'm flattered!


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    man i remember when the a64 was in the making, and i remember people saying it would stuck at first, but now that its out, its basically the fastest desktop CPU out there..IMO i'm guessing dual core AMD will be just as big a leap as from going XP to A64

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    It is interesting what the future holds, im right about now happy with my 3500 winchester its nice lille chip with temps around 38 idle on air upto aout 46 under load with ambient temp of 20 degrees
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    look hardware can goo as fast is it wants BUT ... software thtz a diff story and some thing im worried about .. I mean software hasnt even utilized 64 bit technology not is their a official 64 bit OS (maybe tht linux one) but the windows is a beta ... same with SLI the drivers arent at full capacities and some games wont have sli mode and will have to be 'forced' .... moving to multi thread application .. were talkin a decade ppl !!

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    The architecture is only about as good as the underlying infrastructure supporting it. So while there's much ado about dual cores, the onus now rests on the software community. All these years of mind-conditioning the industry towards the pursuit of clock frequency helped ensure the current state of programming paradigm. The exploitation of data parallelism as a viable approach for increased throughput has taken a backseat in a way. So now the appeal of dual core is somewhat relegated to that of a proof-of-concept at best since a lot of mainstream apps are just not multi-threaded, with the exception of some professional content-creation apps.

    It will obviously take some time for the mainstream apps to be SMT-capable, but the important thing is that hardware foundation is being rolled out now for developers to take another approach at performance gain. They have to get on board and not rely solely on silicon and manufacturing to lead the charge all the time. If we consider the amount of technological leaps and hurdles that the microprocessor industry has gone through, and weigh that respectively against the software side, there's a laughable gap. But its gotta start somewhere, and dual cores are drawing the line now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quattro
    So what's going to be the next big jump for processors as we know them?

    • Dual Cores?
      Something that will blow us away?

    What do you think it will be?
    Here's a quote from The Inquirer.

    Next gen AMD Opterons to have 1207 pins

    Find a pin and pick it up and all the day you'll have good luck

    By Adamson Rust: Wednesday 17 November 2004, 09:31
    SOURCES AT AMD Taiwan claim that when the next generation of Opterons is released in the first half of 2006, the microprocessors will be equipped with 1207 pins.

    Easy to bend one or two then, we'd suggest.

    The next gen Opteron is not, as our own Charlie D pointed out a little while ago, not really a K9, it's more the ******* offspring of the K8.

    In other Opteron news, our mole at AMD Taiwan also whispers that some of the 100 series will begin to disappear from price lists in the first quarter of next year, with the 140 being the first to go.

    Kindly old gent shows off his dual core war medalsBut this is merely the thin end of the line wedge, because during 2005, all manner of Opterons will start performing a disappearing act, with 200s and 800s eventually ending up in the knacker's yard as well.

    Soon enough, Opterons will switch over the 90 nanometre process too, and include the good old 1GHz HT link that the desktop versions are boasting. As everyone knows, there's not much difference between an Opteron and an Athlon 64, except for what's called "branding".

    During 2006 the entire Opteron family will end up being dual core babies, and when AMD starts shipping the first dual core parts, which we suggest will be in the third quarter of next year, it will release microprocessors at different frequencies.

    Not that megahertz matters these days, of course.
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    I agree, software has to pick up the ball.

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    1207 pins is a lot, so it would seem amd is going to be adding more than ddr2? What else? Quad core?

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