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    Mouseman+ Replacement

    I use and love my Logitech Mouseman and Wingman mice. These are getting fairly old and am thinking of replacing them. I check regularly at Best Buy to find a mouse that feels good. The problem is that all new mice feel extremely narrow, and causes my hand to cramp very quickly.

    What to the ex-Mouseman users of the world use now? What is the widest 3 button mouse out there? Or should I just go on an EBay binge and stock up, like I did with Model M keyboards?

    Thanks for any insight.

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    i'm using a mouseman optical so i feel ya

    i'm gonna upgrade someday to a logitech mx510 when i can get a a new blue one for less than 30 (counting shipping)... i've decided to go corded again - over the weight of batteries mostly... plus their cheaper w/ tails

    i'm keeping my eyes open to the mx700/1000 though for a good deal

    you're doing the smart thing by trying to hold em in your hand - but if you really don't like anything out there (though i can assure you you'll get used to most things like this over time - its like trying a new frame style for your glasses or something), and don't think you'll like it later after buying it... then why not stick with what you've got ?

    if you want to upgrade coz it LOOKS like you've been using it the last ten years, consider dissasembling/cleaning/giving it a paint job
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    Score!!! I just found a closet here at work with 15 brand new Compaq Mousemen mice, still wrapped and taped from the factory. The boss will let me have 'em if I replace with something!! I should be good now till I die.

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