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    double check this

    hadnt installed a video card in a while. ok, when i pop this 6600GT in tonight i will be wearing rubber latex gloves (Dishwashing) so i dont short my card out. I got to double check this. This is how to install my video card right?
    Uninstall drivers, pop the LE out, pop in Gt, pop in installation Cd, load drivers, restart thats it right. I dont have a moltex connector i can use 1 from the power supply and plug it into the card, right?

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    can someone anser

    someone anser i gotta do this 2night.

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    you don't need the rubber gloves. uninstall drivers, (i'd run driver cleaner 3 also), download new drivers for your new card (so you don;t have to use older drivers that come on the cd), pop out old card pop in new card and load new drivers. Be sure to power down the PSU before messing with your rig, leave it plugged in though and touch bare metal before handling parts. This eliminates the need for gloves. Hope this helps, i can't wait for my xfx to get here!
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    Whatever you do, don't use the Omega drivers for this card. I tried both the peformance and quality settings of the newest Omegas and I got really crappy performance. Use the newest Nvidia drivers or the boxed ones.
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