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    Question MSI K7N2 Volt Mod

    Hello all. I have this board, and it's really annoying to only be able to hit 1.8Vcore and 2.7 Vdimm. I can only get my 2500+ up to ~2450 unstable. . I know that's fast, but I know this XP-M can do 2700 or more with enough juice. Can someone please tell me how to mod this board?


    This answers my VCore question. Can someone help me with the Vdimm?


    I used the K7N2 Delta-L BIOS Mod, and it got my Vdimm up to 2.8. That's better than before, but I really need more Vcore. If anyone knows how to volt mod this board, please reply!


    I found instructions to Volt Mod the board here:

    I edited the post to restore some of the details that angelfire took away from the original post.
    This mod should work on every board from the K7N2 Series.

    First of all the things you need:
    -1 Fan Adapter (4 Pin->3 Pin) (you can use normal cables too)
    -1 50K Ohm variable resistor
    -1 SMD Grabber (optional)

    You can use SMD Grabbers to "grab" single pins of chips, if you don't want to solder on your board.


    The first thing to do is to cut off the 3Pin fan plug from the adapter cable and connect the black wire to the resistor. Then cut off the red wire and connect the SMD Grabber with the resistor.

    The next thing you'll have to do is to locate the HIP6302 Chip on the board.

    Now connect the SMD Grabber to Pin 7 of the HIP6302 Chip (Top Side) or just solder the wire to the pin:

    Then make sure that the resistor is set to 50K Ohm. Now plug in the whole thing and lower the resistance of the resistor. I've tested up to 2.5V but if you want you can go higher too.

    greez Core_Z
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    Sweet bro i got mods for the K7D Master L but no1 was interested in em =/


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