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    water cooling help please

    I am interested in building or buying a watercooling system. I don't know to much about this but I do want to start some major over clocking and the sound of a water cooled system sounds so cool to have. I only know of one system case witch is the Koolance Super Liquid Cooled Case. this system looks choice any imput on it or others? also what about water leaks? is this a big problem with some systems or are the parts pretty good? and finally what about the upkeep on them? is there a specail fluid like radiator fluid or just water? thanks for the help.

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    First off, welcome to the forums!

    The performance Koolance Case looks pretty good, but you'll probably get much better results with a kit that you install into your system. A good example of this is a DangerDen kit. Very good. Find them at

    You use mainly water, with Watter Wetter for a bit better cooling, and some anitfreeze if you plan on getting your water really cold or really hot. Generally if you have your hoses clamped well leaks aren't a problem, but running the system for a day or so out of the system is a good idea to make sure you're not leaking anything.
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