I have no idea whats wrong with my computer here, but my BIOS refuses to flash. It started off with odd harddrive noises then progressed to intermittent freezing in Windows. When I went to lower the clock speed of my chip becuase I though it was dying, I couldn't flash the BIOS at all. When I would try to save and reboot, the computer would restart, but when the "Flashing BIOS do not restart" screen was suppost to come up it insted would say "Power save" which is my computer going into suspend mode... Even every time I restart my computer I have to clear the BIOS using "insert" when I reboot, otherwise the computer will just go into suspend mode. So after a ineffective CMOS clear and some fourm searching, I read that taking out the battery and unpugging the computer will really clear the BIOS. Did that, still couldn't flash.

At this point I thought something had gone horribly wrong and that the BIOS was hoplessly corrupt, so I though it a good idea to order a new one. I didn't want to keep trying to figure this out, and I wanted to get off of 1.5Ghz and 100Mhz FSB so I could play something other than Starcraft. I got my new BIOS chip today, popped it in, set my new clock speed, went to flash, same stupid "power save" message... I'm pretty clueless at this point, I have no idea what to do. Flashing a new version, clearing CMOS or even a whole new BIOS chip won't work. My harddrive made an unusual little "click", like when you just turn off your computer insted of going through shutdown, when the new BIOS was suppost to flash. Which makes me think it may be somthing with one of the harddrives, but they work fine in Windows now that the clock speed is 1.5Ghz... Maybe it's my processor or my whole damn motherboard. Any ideas on what might be causing this or what I can do to get at least my FSB back up to 200Mhz? I can live with 1.5Ghz untill I get a new chip.