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    the 'i'm poor' mod! (fan controller / guitar lovers fan controller))

    Well the truth is im not poor, but i am tight with my money! lol only jokin.

    got my new antec case 1000AMG, its simpleness is what makes it look nice and sleek...

    i was sick of my cheesey thermal take and cooler master fan controllers so i made my own simple one... this is actually my first ever mod, all i had to do was drill three holes in a blanking plae. im going to buy some

    I then turned it into a guitar lovers fan controller! the white knobs look crap i know but im planning to get some plack ones like the ones on my guitar.

    and last but not least here are a few pics of my new machine lit up with all the cables half hidden!

    sorry about the image quality i took these with my mobile/cell phone

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    nice job... i'm diggin the uv reactive stuff...
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    Nice vintage look

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    thanks, the uv stuff will look better when i get my other light in there. at the moment i only have one strip lighting the whole case so it looks a bit dull. hopefull get some pics with a proper digi cam too

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    Awesome idea and a very original look!
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    that guitar knobs idea is calssic as hell...i like it

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    great job, you could confuse some people with those
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    Love the knobs and the UV.
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    Pretty slick, how did you do the wiring?
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    hehe, you should get skull knobs like the ones my brother has on his B.C. Rich NJ Virgin with EMG-81 and Floyd Rose.....woops...

    or get some knobs like mine, just some plain knobs with yellow-brown/amber writing inside the transparent knob, with a black core in the center of the knob... it looks nice you can check my webshots for pics....

    anyway, how the hell did u get the expansion slots to glow?? paint or sumthin??

    and where are your powerwires?? or do you have a super fancy PSU that has sleeved cables =P
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    you're kidding? I LOVE it!

    i say sticky
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    the "im poor" mod. rofl.
    nice job.

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