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    why so stubborn?

    This is kinda a rant so bare with me but why are people so stubborn. Theres a good friend of mine which knows a little about computers. He can install/build one, install windows and install/remove programs. Thats about it. Although he can do these things when he builds a new top of the line machine about every 3 months (dont ask why) he doesnt even know which stuff to get. He tells me what he wants in general. I throw it together for him with links to newegg and if hes satisfied he orders and puts together. I have no problem doing this it gives me something to do once in awhile. Now here is the part that really gets me.

    A few days/weeks/months down the line he might run into a small problem here and there and he tells me. I tell him how to solve the problem and then 5 min later he says "its still doing it" I ask him did you do what I said and he says no. The guy asks for help but doesnt listen....Why are people so freakin stubborn now days? Or is it just that they ask for help then if they think thats not the problem they dont listen. As I type this the guy is reformatting because cs wouldnt connect to a server due to his rates.

    Another example...He starts pining 600 in cs and ims me saying "i think i have a virus im pinging 600" so I asked him if everyone else on the network was pinging that high and he said no. I then had him ping a website though the command line and what do you know...49s average. I then told him its his cs theres nothing wrong with the computer. Still he insists on telling me im wrong and he has a virus or something, and another. When he first got his video card he was running it w/o drivers causing it to be wacky. You could scroll down on IE and the page would lag as it scrolled down. I told him install drivers. A little while later he tells me "its still lagging" I asked if he installed the drivers I sent him a link to and what do you know he says "no I dont think thats the problem."

    Im not tryin to seem like a ___ hes a good friend and all but I just dont see why people are like this now days. My brother and some other people I know are just the same way. I dont understand.
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    I think it's because in a way, if he takes your advice, he's admitting defeat. In his head he believes "I'm not wrong, it's not my fault, I shouldn't have to do anything to fix this".

    If he does what you told him and it works, he's proved himself wrong, and people don't like to be wrong.

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