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    Which DVD Writer?

    Well, to start off, im a complete noob at optical drives so anyway, since im leaving HK for Australia and Hardware in Australia is really expensive compared to here, im going to be buying a few things before i leave, which includes a DVD writer.

    So, what's the current favorite around here? This is going to be replacing a 5 yr old Sony 32x CD-Writer and it's going to be working alongside a Samsung 52x Combo Drive.

    Im going to be burning the occasional DVD once in a while, but one of the most important things to me is CD/DVD read speeds.

    Thanks for any response.

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    yea, cool

    But, what's so good about it? Pros Cons? Experience with them?

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    Well, I was hoping that you would read the reviews but here is more info then you probably want.

    Personally, it burns DVD's at 16x which for me is a lot faster than backing up to CD. I have seen the light so to speak. Can't think of any cons.

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    yea, i read that, but i was looking for some comparison between drives. Ive read the Anandtech one and it seems the plextor is comming out on top, followed closely by the asus one.

    But, from what i hear, NEC and Pioneer drives seem to be the favorites, followed by Plextor and Lite-On due to their fast read speeds and LG is generally liked because it burns and reads everything.

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    I also agree with the NEC.

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    I run the Plextor 712a. I just installed it a few weeks ago and have not had real chance to test all it's goodies. I do however wish I'd waited for the 716 which from what I understand writes dual layer which the 712a does not.
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    NEC 3500

    4x dual layer burning... fastest according to TH
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    Quote Originally Posted by alphasl
    From my experience (I use these to build client machines):

    Fast on CD's and DVD's (reading and writing)
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    ok, so rather unanimous. ND3500A it is, but what about the newer ND3520A? It's only HK$49 more expensive than the ND3500A, which comes to US$6.28
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    Well, unless NEC forgot how to make a dvd burner overnight I'd say that would be a great choice if that model is available to you. It will be a little while before newegg has it.
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    OK, thanks guys, NEC ND3520A it is

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    Quote Originally Posted by larva
    Well, unless NEC forgot how to make a dvd burner overnight I'd say that would be a great choice if that model is available to you. It will be a little while before newegg has it.
    Perhaps they have - the CD freak guys are pretty on the ball in this field, and they don't seem so impressed with this new model yet...
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    Just got this one
    It is... well... the best
    Happy Holidays!

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