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Thread: Clone a HD

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    Clone a HD

    I currently have 2 Seagate hard drives, one is normal ATA and one is SATA going through a converter that came with my Abit mobo. I ran some tests on my HD's and noticed my "converted" HD was lacking speed going through the converter. I then decided to get a "real" SATA drive and decided on the Western Digital Raptor 74.3 GB drive.

    As is stands right now (Raptor not installed) I have a HD that is my main drive and one that I use for back-up. My questions are:

    1. Can I take the converter off my "main" HD and just plug it in to the mobo's ATA slot and not have to do anything other that changing pins for Master and Slave?

    2. Can I clone my main HD to my new Raptor and then use the Raptor as my main HD w/o having to do the whole OS/updates/mozilla/yada, yada, yada d/l'ing (4+hours) install?

    3. If I can clone my HD, how, where, and what software will it take?

    Thanks in advance to helpfull advice.

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    It should be fine if u used the converter on the mobo, never had any experience with it, but HDD manufacturers regularly do this. Take WD for example, i dont think they have any native SATA drives. They simply have a converter built into the PCB of the HDD that converts from ATA to SATA.

    To clone your HDD, just use Ghost. It's a small 1MB utility that fits on a floppy disk. Im pretty sure u can find it floating around. Just boot up your comp with a Windows 9X/ME boot disk then swap the disk for the norton disk to start up the program, create an image of your main drive, then copy image to partition onto your new raptor.

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