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    Life Expectancy of OC Memory


    Just curious, do they last longer whats the life expectancy?

    Currently I have a xp3000-1gb pc3200 elixir memory, thinking of upgrading but I'm pretty much satisfied with the speed of my pc, but if I'm going to upgrade to a OC'ng memory will there be a significant increase in speed doh! of course right.... I do not want to get a OC'ng memory if it will just die on me a couple of months.

    But Is it recomended for a guy like me who is a occational gamer and mostly internet browsing, playing video and music?


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    judging from the amount of boutique companies from ocz to pqi that are around if all the oc'ing memory died quickly they wouldnt be around. the key to overclocking is getting the fastest performsance with as little volts as possible. as long as u keep within a reasonable voltage, heat and electrical migration can be kept to a minimum

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