Hey guys,

I have a question regarding the maximum VCore on air cooling that is acceptable for a Prescott 3.0E SL7E4 which has the stock voltage on an ABIT IC7-G set as 1.3125V please?

I know from what I've learnt here that within the constraints of air cooling, and temperatures, that around 1.5V is seen as the VCore limit, however I am wondering if this changes and is lower if the stock VCore is 1.3125V instead of nearer 1.3875V?

If someone could please come along and let me know that is the circa 1.5V with air cooling maximum the limit regardless of what the stock VCore of the chip is or do the chips with the lower stock VCore also come with lower maximum VCore tolerance on air please?

Cheers buddies and Merry Christmas to you all