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    i just put together my new system (specs in my sig) and i think i have a problem. at first it seemed to be a random problem, so i would rearrange cables and push stuff around and take components out. but eventually i found that my computer would not boot up unless i plugged it in for about a minute first before switching it on. otherwise it would just sit and run the fans - blank screen, no beeping, nothing.

    i've got windows and all that jazz on the hdd already installed, so the hardware runs fine. HOWEVER, i have noticed small sparks of light on the inside of the case and it now remains turned of, unplugged. i suspect this was the cause for the problems earlier. i am very surprised that my system was still running despite the sparks.

    i'm not electrician, but i suspect that the case could be collecting static electricity from the psu or motherboard. i found it odd that lian-li included metal mounts to support the motherboard underneath. the electricity could also be running through this.

    so far it's been trial and error to get it to run, but now i'm afraid to even plug it in! any thoughts as to why i might be seeing small sparks inside my case and how to get rid of it? thanks in advance.

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    very carefully look over all the traces, especially in the areas of caps, mosfets, etc. loose solder joints and broken traces can cause sparks. If the traces are broken, there might be some burning odor associated and possibly. but it is probably better to take the board back and exchange for another.
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    PSU problem, mayhaps?

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    i found two faults in my construction:

    first there was an extra mounting bracket under the motherboard where there was no screw hole, and it was in contact with one of those metal bumps underneath so i removed it.

    second the PSU was in upside down (oops!) so i just flipped it around. hopefully it was designed so it would work upside down but who knows.

    it has booted up fine on the first try and i haven't seen any of the tiny orange lights yet but i'm watching it closely.

    thanks for the advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalamity
    first there was an extra mounting bracket under the motherboard where there was no screw hole, and it was in contact with one of those metal bumps underneath so i removed it.
    That was your problem.. You're lucky it still runs.
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