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    What drivers should I use?

    What drivers does everyone suggest for 6800GT. TIA
    OCing Newb
    A64 3000+ s939 250*9 1.216 vcore
    MSI K8N Neo 2 Plat Bios 1.4
    Corsair VS (2x512) 5/4 pc3200@2.5-3-3-8 2.75 Vdimm 1t
    Evga 6800GT OCed to 425/1.15
    Fortron 530w PSU
    ThermalTake XaserV Wingo v7000
    Temps: Idle-CPU 40c
    Load-CPU 47c
    Stock HSF with as5.
    Soon to go in, 77 BOnne Core, 6002-64, maze4 gpu, 50z pump, cf60 just need a nice day hehe

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    Dec 2004
    The latest official Betas for new features. I use this for my 6800.

    Even newer but leaked.

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