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    high quality ram for overclocking, but not expensive

    i want to find maybe a 2 X512mb kit of decent ram that will let me overclock my 3.2E easily, but i dont want to pay a whole lot like those pc4200 OCZ sticks of ram.

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    g.skill 4400 about 235 for a gig
    939 90nm 3200+ @ 2.5GHz 1.575 (real vcore)
    XP-90 w/ 92mm Enermax
    MSI K8N NEO2 Platinum w/ OCZ DDR Booster:)
    6800GT 400core/1150mem
    1gb dual channel PC3700 Samsung TCCD(Gigaram wk519) 10-3-3-2.5@ DDR500
    2x80gb WD SE
    1x120gb Samsung Spinponit
    1x250gb Seagate NCQ SATA 7200.8
    OCZ Powerstream 520

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    You should PM a mod and ask them to move this into the memory section. You should get more posts that way .
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