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    Pioneer DVR-108 Main Optical

    Well, after getting all setup on my WC system, I find that if I want to mount everything and use all my bays for stuff, I will only have room left for one optical drive and no floppy.

    That is cool with me, but I was planning on using the pioneer DVR-108 as my main optical drive. Some here in town recommend against using it for everything, as it will burn out (I really never got an answer as to why, how fast etc).

    Why is that? I only would use my dvd drive to load games to the HDD, and write all my floppy drivers to dvd's for future use (just plug in the FDD and copy all my disks then disconnect it).

    The only other thing I would use this drive for is cd burning, which is what it is made for anyway. So, am I ok using this drive for reading stuff, installing my OS etc, or is that going to drastically affect it's performance / life?


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    I have it and it works fine.

    If you are going to use it for burning CD's and such, it should do the job, but I also wanted to backup my DVD's and found out that the unit had a rip lock. But a simple firmware upgrade fixed that.

    I just got a friend of mine a NEC 3500A for Christmas and he seems happy with it also.

    I really don't know about any other issues with this drive, but then again, I didn't research it to the infinite detail to see if it was the best drive.

    Maybe others who've had problems with this drive can comment?

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    Yeah, I do not think it is an issue with the drive itself. It just seems as if the people in town think it will have a much shorter life span if used for everything (ie instead of having a read only drive to load software etc).

    A shorter life span doesn't bother me, as long as by shorter they mean instead of 3-5 years it will give me 18 months - 2 years. Just long enough to have around till my next upgrade.

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    It'll be fine dude...... I've had my Pioneer 107 cranking along for over a year with no issues whatsoever. That poor thing has thousands of uses on it and still purrs.
    Pioneer is good ****.

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