Okay, today I purchased Norton Ghost 2003 Full Retail Version.

The only problem is - it won't work!

To elaborate, every time I try to do create a ghost image of the disk - it fails!

Firstly, I tried copying across the network. After searching for ages and eventually finding the correct network drivers for my motherboard (K7N2 Delta Series) it still failed - even though it installed the drivers correctly. It would reboot (since it does the copying process in PC DOS,) and boot into PC Dos and then just fail...

So, I attached a USB external hard drive to my pc. I set it up, enabling USB2 drivers and preparing to ghost the local disk's image to the external drive. The pc rebooted and... it came up with problems about not finding the disk, additional drivers may be needed or some rubbish like that. Yet in Windows XP it works fine...

I tried again with USB 1.1 drivers enabled on Ghost 2003, and it just hung after reboot.

Please help! How do I get round all these problems, and make a successful ghost copy?