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    thinking of putting case in closet...

    ok i'm planning on getting my desktop into my room, and theres a walk in closet right beside my desk. right now i'm kinda annoyed at the loudness of my fans. 3000rpm cpu fan (32dba), 2 80mm 2500rpm case fans. oh and i don't have any grills.

    so i'm thinking of putting the cpu in the closet and close it off with just enough opening to let the wires out. i'm afraid its gonna overheat after couple hours due to obvious bad air circulation in closet. i'm doing 2.525 ghz on xpm 2500 at 1.725vcore and average idle temp is 40-43c.

    i'm not moving the comp for another 2 weeks or so, comments plz.

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    Why don't you try it out and see? If it does end up overheating in the closet then you can always open the closet door every couple of hours to let cold air in.

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    i'm a bit lazy , cause then i have to take it up and then down since i don't have wireless internet yet...

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    well i just tried it and so far so good! my temps are exactly the same as it was before after 10minutes idling. but the noise sure dropped alot

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    Quote Originally Posted by thenerd
    well i just tried it and so far so good! my temps are exactly the same as it was before after 10minutes idling. but the noise sure dropped alot
    You probably will need to wait at least 4-6 hours to get a very accurate reading of how the temps will really be.

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    I did that for a few weeks. Actually, I took off the case side and put a room fan blowing in and still couldn't hear it. Worked fine, but I bought a new case and it has cooler temps with the side panel on than the old one did with the fan.

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    I did that as well. I drilled a hole in the wall and ran the wires through instead of through a door.

    Worked fine.

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    Hey, good idea. I thought about doing this once. My closet is a little too far away really, but it is always cooler than the rest of the place, especially in the winter. No heat in there, so it is about 10 C colder right now.

    Now, however I am working on a custom case build that I will want to show off, so hiding in the closet is out of the question. The new case should have better cooling as well, so two birds shall be dealt with.

    Let us know how the cooling goes over time. It will be usefull info. It might be nice to have a server in the closet with a wireless network to a small desktop PC.

    Good luck.

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    You could buy a window ac unit and leave it on in the closet with the door closed ^_^ you could get some pretty sweet temps with that

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    That would actually make more heat, becuase the air from the hot condensor has to go somewhere, usually it goes directly outside when an a/c is mounted in the window. Unless there was a window in the closet then that idea would be perfect!! Or you could always cut a hole in the wall, lol. Probably would cost fortune on the electric bill tho.

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