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    Which AMD64 939 CPU?

    3200+ or 3500+ ??

    I can get the 3200+ for $290 and the 3500+ for $390, basically $100 of difference

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    If saving $$. The 3200 is best bang for buck (around $215) and is what I would get. But if I have the money, I would go with the 3500 ($325). It has a higher multi of 11. The 3200 has multi of 10. AMD has locked the upper multi. It'll be easier to get higher speed with the higher multi. -->Unless someone found a way to unlock the multi.

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    GoHERE for a 3500 winchester at $251.00....still in price range.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yo4444
    GoHERE for a 3500 winchester at $251.00....still in price range.

    I just bought one from there its a winchester core which I couldn't believe because they were selling them cheaper than the newcastles. I am able to boot it at 2.6ghz but I still unable to get it stable. I just have to figure out the right combination for the ram, vcore, and vdimm. A great buy though.
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    For a complete rundown on s939 processor choices, look here:

    Also, there's a memory section that will outline memory/TCCD alternatives, too.


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