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    Some Suggestions Please!

    Well i Just bought a new rig, and i'm just planning to water cool the CPU, now I just would like some suggestion what you guys think is the best set-up for this rig, I have some of my own ideas for a budget of $170 US.

    ASUS A8N SLI-Deluxe Mobo
    A64 Athlon 3500+ 90nm
    1gb Corsair pc 3200 XMS Dual Channel
    2 * XFX 6800 GT's PCI-e
    120gb Maxtor Sata HDD

    Thanks Much Appreciated

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    well let's see... get:
    -heat exchanger
    -fans for that heat exchanger and maybe a shroud
    -t-line or resevoir
    -hose clamps
    -water additive

    Edit: damn I forgot t-line/resevoir. as for which components you should choose, do some forum browsing and you'll see the subjects have been beaten to death many times.
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    um I know what to get I want your suggestion on what waterblocks or pumps
    you think would be be best for my rig, I have few in mind, in particular the waterblock and pump.

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    The search function is an amazing tool
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    excuse me srry if i wanted direct response, for my specific system

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    look you are going to keep getting responces similar to acids if oyu dont do a little more research

    you havent givin us a single idea other than a budget what your goals are

    most of us here get pretty tired of people that dont read stickys and dont give any of the required info .
    so help us help you by including your goals for performance and what your case is and any other limiting factors

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    Well you said you have some ideas for your system so tell them to us. Tell them why you choose what you did and we will help you elaborate on those ideas.

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